Vaccin vivant atténué contre les oreillons.




Frozen-dry suspension of the attenuated stock Urabe AM9 of virus of the parotitis obtained in cultivations of cells of embryo of pollo. Every dose of 0,5 mililiter contains not less than 5000 TCID50 than virus of the parotitis and a residual one not more than 25 micrograms than neomicina B (antibiotic used in the cultivation land). The dissolvent is constituted from 0,5 mililiter of water for iniettabili preparations.


The injections of numerous substances can cause reactions of anaphylactic type; adrenalin injection must be always ready one. The vaccine must be somministrato with caution in febrile children who have a history of disturb cerebral or convulsions. The such cases the doctor must supervise for a febrile reaction that can be necessary between the 5° and 12° the day and must take to the due precautions. To attend 3 months from somministrazione of immunoglobuline before somministrare the vaccine. The somministrazione of the vaccine can be contemporary to other vaccine; if it is not contemporary it is necessary to attend 4 weeks at least.

Mises en garde et précautions d'emploi

Febrile diseases: in case of febrile diseases the vaccinazione must be deferred until the complete ristabilimento of the subjects vaccinateing. Of immunity states: some morbosi states or the treatment with some drugs can upgrade the multiplication of the virus attenuate to you use you for the vaccinazione. Therefore in case of woven malignant proliferative affections of linforeticolari (the leukaemia, linfosarcomi, mielomato, morbo of Hodgkin) or treatment with immunodepresori or a/e ipogammaglobulinemia, the vaccinazione is contraindicated. Allergies: the vaccine is contraindicated in case of hypersensitivity assessed towards the antibiotic contained in the vaccine same (neomicina B). Contraindicated E' the vaccinazione in the allergic subjects to proteins of the egg, particularly in presence of positive anamnesis for anaphylactic reactions, although the somministrazione of the vaccine to these subjects has not turned out responsible of reactions, probably because albumin and the members of the egg yolk is absent in the cultivations of cells of embryo of pollo on which is cultivated the virus of the parotitis. Tuberculosis: the presence of active shapes dealt of tuberculosis does not represent a contraindication to the vaccinazione, even if they do not exist given that they demonstrate that the vaccine has a esacerbante effect in the tubercular infection. Pregnancy: the vaccinazione is contraindicated in pregnancy To attend three months after the vaccinazione for one pregnancy.

Effets indésirables

The postvaccinali reactions provoked from the vaccine against the parotitis are much infrequent and benign. Occasionally limited percentage of cases can be taken place in one: fever, rash, pruritus, porpora and tumefazione of the Parotids. It disturbs neurological postvaccinali can observe after the somministrazione nearly all the biological products. Although these disturb are rare, the possibility of theirs to take place itself always must be estimated.